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    Kelderman is a leading manufacturer for air ride suspensions in the ambulance industry.  And now Kelderman offers a 2 stage air ride system for the bus industry.  This system is unique in the fact that the factory leaf springs remain on the vehicle, with the rear of the springs attached directly to the swing arm of this 2 stage air ride, providing 3” or more of air travel before the leaf springs deflect, thus providing a superior, true, air ride.  Comfort for the passengers is the main focus, but in addition the Kelderman system lowers the maintenance costs on the vehicle because all internal components on the vehicle get the advantage of a smooth ride reducing constant vibrations and jarring normally absorbed by the vehicle body and chassis. Our suspension is available for the Ford E350/450; Ford F 350/450/550/650; Chevy G3500/4500 and 3500 HD; GM 3500/4500/5500; Dodge 3500/4500/5500, IH TerraStar, and the Sprinter 3500 dual wheel.  Go to the Kelderman website, click on medium duty then select 2 stage suspension for more information.  Under the E350/450, a video can be found that explains how the suspension works, or simply go to this link to see the video….http://keldermanairride.com/medium-duty/2-bag/info.php?product=11E350REAR.

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    Web: www.kelderman.com


    YouTube:  keldermantv

    Product Information

    Product photo description: With factory springs left in place, the Kelderman system provides 3”+ of air travel before leaf springs deflect, resulting in a smooth ride.